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It’s Official! Dr Zam’s Fitness® is now a registered trademark

It's Official! Dr Zam’s Fitness® is now a registered trademark

It’s Official! Dr Zam’s Fitness® is now a registered trademark of Dr Zam’s Enterprises Pte Ltd (Singapore). You can look forward to a greater range of high-quality science-based products and services to help you achieve the body you need. The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes®

Meanwhile, check out science-based products and services here under Dr Zam’s Fitness® brand.


In 2021, Dr Zam envisioned a fitness company that is based on Science to achieve the body that anyone desires. Being a human peak performance researcher and coach, Dr Zam has always believed that psychology has a major component in achieving our goals. As such, the tagline for Dr Zam’s Fitness® is The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes.

Dr Zam founded this division of the company as his personal mission to help himself first to attain the best body he could, and achieve greater health, in every aspect of holistic living.

If Dr Zam can, you can too! ✊👍⭐🤩

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Restructuring of Businesses: Near Completion

We are delighted to announce that the restructuring of our businesses is almost complete with the incorporation of Dr Zam’s Enterprises Pte Ltd (UEN 202208874R) in Singapore. We have chosen Singapore as a launchpad for this global company. We will remain true to our mission, that is, the self-empowerment of people to bring about positive change within ourselves, to the people around us, and our surroundings, and the world. The approach is based on Dr Zam’s Science-based Living framework for Body, Mind and Soul. We are very excited and cannot wait to do this for the rest of our lives.

If you want to be part of this self-empowerment movement, you can be our customer, client, business ambassador, affiliate, colleague or friend, we welcome you with open arms and hearts.

You Deserve The Best Life. Empower yourself.
Everyone Can Succeed!™