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Quantus Learning® is turning 10!

Quantus Learning® is turning 10 this October 2022! World’s Most Advanced Personalised Learning

We are proud to be a subsidiary and brand of Dr Zam’s Enterprises Pte Ltd.

Look out for our continuous evolution this coming AY2023, starting in December 2022!

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Dr Zam’s Living® Transformational Science-based Reboot Coaching Programs are coming to you!

You can find these programs in hybrid formats (both online and in-person) made available worldwide.

Life Reboot™ World Tour for Body, Mind and Soul

Body Reboot™ Coaching Program

Mind Reboot™ Coaching Program

Soul Reboot™ Coaching Program

School Reboot™ Coaching Program

Love Reboot™ Coaching Program

Money Reboot™ Coaching Program

Business Reboot™ Coaching Program

Corporate Reboot™ Program

The online courses are hosted in our digital university, Knowledge Pod™

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Welcome, Quantus Learning®! Officially Part of the Dr Zam’s Living Family

Quantus Learning® is an international award-winning (Quality and Innovation) education establishment chain, that is also registered trademark in Singapore. Quantus Learning® is the World’s Most Advanced Personalised Learning System and has impacted numerous learners of various ages and educators with its innovative technology, pedagogy and research on putting the child at the centre of learning. Dr Zam’s Living is proud to have Quantus Learning® join our family, in offering a more integrated and holistic approach to living. Extending its renowned MEALS Success Kinetics™ Framework into other applications, beyond academic use, is one of our key priorities.

We look forward to assimilating the award-winning high-quality innovations into our overall corporate framework in giving the best to our customers and clients, as well as partners, all around the world.


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