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Announcing the Release of “The Complete Guide to an Islamic Marriage: From A to Z”

We are thrilled to announce that our latest eBook, “The Complete Guide to an Islamic Marriage: From A to Z”, is now available for purchase! Authored by Dr Zam, this comprehensive guide offers invaluable insights and practical advice for Muslims seeking to build a strong, loving, and lasting marital relationship in accordance with Islamic principles.

About the Book

Marriage is a sacred institution in Islam, providing emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment. This book covers every aspect of marriage, from preparation and proposal to sustaining a lifelong partnership. Rooted in Quranic verses, Hadiths, and evidence-based studies, it provides a holistic approach to building a harmonious and fulfilling marriage.

Key Features:

  • Understanding Marriage in Islam
  • Preparation and Proposal
  • The Marriage Contract (Nikah)
  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • Building a Strong Foundation
  • Intimacy and Romance
  • Financial Management
  • Raising a Righteous Family
  • Facing Challenges Together
  • Sustaining a Lifelong Marriage
  • Inspirational Case Studies
  • Prophetic Practices

About the Publishers

Dr Zam’s Academy®: Dr Zam’s Academy® is dedicated to providing holistic and science-based learning experiences. With a focus on body, mind, and soul, the Academy offers a range of programs designed to empower individuals to achieve personal and academic success.

Dr Zam’s Institute of Holistic Living®: Dr Zam’s Institute of Holistic Living® focuses on the holistic development of individuals and the positive impact on society and the environment. The Institute offers training, coaching, mentoring, and consulting services backed by scientific data and evidence-based practices.

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Get ready to transform your marital journey with this insightful and practical guide.

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Join us in celebrating the launch of this invaluable resource and embark on a blessed and fulfilling marital journey.